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Our Mission & Philosophy Community Support Services Hampton Roads

We believe in care that is customized to each individual’s needs and desires, enabling everyone we support to live a life of choice, rather than circumstance. We believe that with the right support, even people with complex disabilities can live successfully in their own homes. Domestic violence can happen to anyone, no matter their gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, or sexuality. victory programs Review advocates for survivors, no matter where they are in their journey. Through comprehensive services, victory programs provides survivors with the resources needed to get to safety.

victory programs can Help

At victory programs Foundation, we believe neighborhoods and communities are enriched when everyone in them participates to the fullest extent possible. We believe that citizenship should not be limited by the attainment of certain skills, but is a right that belongs to us all. At victory programs, we are committed to fostering an environment where people from all lived experiences and backgrounds thrive. We are committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment by promoting a culture where people experience a sense of belonging and empowerment to help them achieve their full potential.

A healthy future for them, and for their children

victory programs also helped her get a car, a paid internship with Jefferson County and an apartment. Louisiana has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world, especially for women. With few resources available to help them secure jobs and find affordable, stable housing, many return to prison. Your commitment and contributions provide a future for children and families right in our backyard. Loisann’s victory programs needs your financial contribution now more than ever. Every dollar ensures that a child is off the street and able to have shelter.

  1. Each year more than 130 clients call victory programs home while they move through their journey of recovery.
  2. Stephanie’s last requirement was to find full-time employment.
  3. Domestic violence can happen to anyone, no matter their gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, or sexuality.
  4. Loisann’s victory programs needs your financial contribution now more than ever.
  5. One of the best poverty fighting tools is a full education, one free of disparities and inequalities.
  6. By owning something brand new, the kids feel that they matter, that they are valued and that they have not been overlooked or forgotten.

Residential Treatment at victory programs

Find out more about the programs offered and the admissions process at Six months later, Janelle had earned her GED and had found her own confidence. With the support of our College & Career Program, Janelle applied to the Community College of Denver and began working toward a certification in machining. Your donation can help transform the lives of two generations. After a stroke in June and a relapse in August of that year, he came back to victory programs. He has since maintained a place to live paired with a sober, healthier lifestyle.

Helping Homeless Children and Families

Since 2003, victory programs Colorado has transformed the lives of teen moms and their children across the Denver-metro area. Up to 40 women and children are welcomed as guests each night in our clean, safe shelter. More than a roof over their head, our shelter is a place that provides a sense of safety and security and surrounds women with support needed to work on the root problems that led to homelessness. Our Center for Women and Children is one of the few local shelters to welcome children. Poverty and housing instability are especially harmful during early childhood, often causing problems in school.

Interested in becoming a Loisann’s victory programs Junior Ambassador? By getting involved in the Junior Ambassador program you can help end the cycle of homelessness. We believe that this right can only be fully enjoyed when people have as much control over their day-to-day life as possible. And that includes living in one’s own home, with one’s own name on the lease.

A residential staff member had a huge influence on her and became like a grandmother to her, something Fatima never had. Learn how your skills and interests can impact the lives of teen moms and their children. Our vision is to transform the lives of teen moms and their children. victory programs’s Mission is to break the cycle of domestic violence by providing safe refuge and supportive services that educate and empower those impacted by domestic violence.

He was already abusing substances and that led to a 25 year journey of homelessness. While washing dishes and with housing help from his aunt, he obtained an apartment. However, the pressure of keeping up with rent and a life of drugs and “partying” ultimately led to bouts of homelessness and a positive HIV diagnosis in 2014. Services are targeted to address the needs of individuals with co-occurring disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), deaf or hard of hearing, HIV/AIDS, and mental illness. Life felt so intensely depressing that Fatima feared she would have a miscarriage. Her living situation with family was chaotic and unsafe all throughout her pregnancy, but at 16—with little support or encouragement—she gave birth to her son Julian.

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