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Talabay Resort

Category: Interactive Map
Type: Real Estate

Tala Bay is an interactive map about Tala Bay Resort , that show their Apartments , Restaurants and Facilities.
This Interactive map made to Make a Great experience to the visitors to explore the resort with interactive virtual Tour.

Turning table NGO

Category: Virtual Tour
Type: Exhibition / Showroom

Cliq is an organization created to train children and young people in art as well as video production, and they display their work in the cliq gallery. This interactive virtual tour designed to show the student’s work in a new way to display their skills and development in this field. What distinguishes this virtual tour is that it was created based on the students’ work ( they were an important part of it) . The tour includes areas to display graphics, films, pictures and games.

Geo Scout 

Category: Virtual Tour / Interactive map / 360 product
Type: Educational – Geology

Geoscout is a platform about geology to educate students around Jordan and middle east about geology using interactive 360 virtual tours .
This platform made by our team and it include Interactive map ,360 Product (Geological Samples) as well as virtual tours in many differnt places in Jordan for now.

 Aladdin Camp

Category: Virtual Tour
Type: Real-estate – Tourism

Aladdin camp is a virtual tour show the experience that tourist gets when visit the camp using 360 videos in a tour .

SAE Amman

Category: 360 video
Type: Real state – Educational

This 360 video shows SAE facilities and training Possibilities . SAE was founded in 1976 with over 40 years of global experience. The SAE Amman campus is one of the largest among more than 47 SAE Institute campuses in 23 countries worldwide, and features some of the most advanced studios and equipment in the region. Its purpose-designed amenities comprise fully equipped classrooms with over 180 computers and 30 different software packages, in addition to a TV broadcast studio, green-screen, virtual studio, Neve recording console, as well as Icon and Live sound recording facilities.


Category: 360 video
Type: Documentary

Aqaba Bird Observatory (ABO) is an important bird area that consists of various habitats; forest, desert and wetland habitats. These habitats which have a strategic location as the second important migratory birds’ pathway in the world (Greater Rift Valley) ensure attracting variety species of birds. The bird observatory constitutes a resting point for up to half a million birds annually and up to almost 250 different species.

UK University

Category: Photogrammetry
Type: Documentary

Category: 360 Product
Type: 3D modeling

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